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Robin Lechner Designs is a full service interior design firm, serving South Florida, NYC, and the Hamptons for over 15 years. As founder and Principal, I have been
acknowledged by professional organizations for my hard work, dedication, and contributions to family, career, and community. My freshness and originality is
influenced by years of international travel, love of history, and appreciation of design, art, and architecture.

I collaborate with you to create an engaging and functional space that meets your unique needs, and I do so while maintaining a commitment to provide the
highest level of personal service and attention. With my depth of experience, skills, and resources, you can feel confident that your project is in reliable and
experienced hands.
INTERIOR DESIGN is more than designing, executing, and completing a design scheme. The essence of decorating is knowing when to stop: the  point where
there is enough emptiness in the room that allows opportunity  for the space to evolve, where subtle, progressive changes, express the spirit of the homeowner’
s aesthetic.
Whenever I plan a room design scheme, I always leave room for the space to breathe. Over time, the homeowner’s tastes evolve, needs change, trends come
and go. A good designer makes allowance for these changes. In this  way, the room becomes more a personal expression of the homeowner.
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"I did check out your blog and it is great.  I really love it.  You have wonderful information for all and helpful for the professional. It was nice to see some of NYC info in there as
well.  I love staying on top of the NYC happenings.  Being my home for 15 years, it will always be a part of me." 8-13-12 - "Love your designs; just beautiful!  8-19-12 - "I love your
tweets and more importantly your style! :-)" 9-4-12 - "Your ideas for designing are very impressive and I want to appreciative your designing work and for sharing these
marvellous work on the blog over here." ZS 9-6-12 - "…you're talented - you're a great designer with an exceptional eye." MB 9-9-12 - "I live in Aventura so we are close by as
well. I just want to say I love your design style!!! When I have a home, I'm definitely going to call you for advice."  KCC 9-13-12 - "We've worked with interior designers for years,
always a pleasure!" Bill - "THANK YOU SO MUCH , YOU ARE TERRIFIC !!!!!!!!!!" LA 9-24-12 - "Robin is extremely gifted. She can take any room or chair a create an illusion words
can't describe. She is a true artist at work" MW 9-24-12 - "importante fuerza creativa en bellos diseños ..." LL  10-4-12 - “i like the color mixing ,and designs, so futuristic” AA 10-
18-12  - “great tips and beautiful interior finishes.” Via Twitter AT 11-14-12 - “I came across your http://robinlechnerdesigns.blogspot.com/. I love the content and the style of
your articles. We were wondering if you would write a blog for us to be posted on your great site?” I MelbourneBlinds - “I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for
taking the time to share such a nice information.” 11-24-12 - “Robin, you're the best! Thanks for all your hard work for us!” DT 11-27-12 - “You are the perfect example of what I
want to teach…; always finding new and different ways to uplift other women and encouraging them to shine!” - “I felt good about the samples we discussed today and confident
that you would create a "look" that would blend with the existing decor but give things a fresh and stylish look.” IG 5-14-13 - “Great Post! I find your blog very helpful for real
estate and I am sure others do as well. Keep up the good work!” 5-18-13 - “… congratulations also on the work you do socially to promote design and open people's minds to
creative possibilities....such as hosting the nice event at DCOTA on World Interiors Day and in your other groups as well.  Back when I read about it, this impressed me as a very
thoughtful, gentle, and non-threatening approach to use as an introduction to that huge facility in a way that would make people feel comfortable and relaxed.” JP 7-24-13 - “Well
written, it offers great advice of how to approach this style fundamentally and then beyond...finally a look in this direction as well.  Of course the idea of a special piece is very
creative and I must say, I don't think anyone else has suggested that great idea, at least I've never seen it shown by anyone else.  No wonder this style is often a bit predictable.  
So, well done... you really do take the style forward in a unique and practical way! Naturally I agree a piano is an excellent choice as a special piece and might I also say that a
uniquely designed one is even more impressive. You've gone to the heart of our craft!” 7-26-13 - “You Rock Robin!” BE 7-27-13 - “Great ideas and smart thinking on the dedicated
line for power. You are the best!” DD 8-6-13 - “I'm a very big fan of your work.” CM 8-10-13
I am pleased to announce that three examples of my
interior design work were selected to be showcased on
Kravet Design Share. Kravet is a renowned leader in 'to
the trade' home furnishings industry.

A guest room was selected to be the lead story. It's an
honor and privilege to be recognized by such a great design
industry leader.

If the link doesn't work on your computer, cut and paste
the following to your browser http://lnkd.in/dkf4QQW